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Term and Service

I. Our Responsibilities is a Web application on the Internet designed to allow users to connect, share, rate companies, apply experiences, post job announcements and/or view jobs posted by other professionals. other users post, or interact with other users.

We are not responsible for information that users post on our website, information that violates our policies or receives bad feedback from the community. The contract will be handled by the admin team as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to remove or remove user-submitted content that violates our terms of use and policies in our sole discretion.

In order to be able to fully use the service utilities on the Website, you need to register to create an account and provide certain personal information including your full name, first name, and address. email only to serve the communication between you and the Website as well as other users in the future. By signing up, you agree to receive Notifications, emails, messages, calls or other forms of communication about our products and services

We always try our best to protect your personal information, if there are any changes regardingYour information will be sent to your personal mailbox.

All services we provide services are governed by these terms, including: apps and websites

II. Improve our services

We are constantly developing new technologies and features to improve our services. In this process of continuous improvement, from time to time, we will add or remove features and functionality, increase or decrease limits on services, and start or discontinue new services. old service. We will notify you in advance of any changes to the way the website operates.

During using the service, if there is any dissatisfaction, please send us feedback via message or email, we will be happy for that.

III. User Rights and Responsibilities

Our services are designed to help job seekers get the best support during their job search. When using our Services(, you are fully aware of the following prohibitions:

  1. Against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, sabotage the unity of the entire people, propagate, distort, incite or provide information against the State of Vietnam.

  2. Inciting violence, propagating wars of aggression, causing hatred between nations and peoples of different countries, inciting lewdness, debauchery, crime, social evils, superstition, destruction destroy the nation's fine customs.

  3. Disclosure of state secrets, military secrets, security, economic, foreign affairs and other secrets prescribed by law.

  4. Distorting, slandering, insulting the organization's reputation, honor, dignity and reputation of citizens.

  5. Advertising and propagating goods and services on the banned list as prescribed by law.

  6. Mention political and religious issues.

  7. Using uncultured words violates the moral tradition of Vietnam.

  8. Restrict or prevent other users from using and enjoying interactive features.

  9. Send or transmit any illegal, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, non-aesthetic, offensive or any kind of indecent information, including but not limited to Prevent the spread of information that contributes to or encourages criminal conduct, causes civil liability, or violates local, federal, national, or international law.

  10. Submit or transmit any information, software, or other material that violates or infringes the rights of others, including material that infringes upon privacy or publicity, or copyright-protected material, trade name or other proprietary rights, or derivative works without the prior consent of the owner or legal right holder.

  11. Send or transmit any information, software or material that contains a virus or other harmful component.

  12. Change, damage or delete any content or other media that is not your own, or interfere with others' access to the Website.

  13. Disrupts the normal flow of information in an interactive area.

  14. Declaring affiliation with or speaking for a business, association, institution or other entity to which you are not authorized to claim such affiliation.

  15. Perform cyber attack, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, cybercrime. cause trouble, attack, infiltrate, hijack, falsify, interrupting, shutting down, paralyzing or destroying information systems.

  16. Use the Website for illegal purposes, including but not limited to violating a rule, policy or user manual of your Internet service provider or its services. online service.

  17. Requires applicants to pay.We do not charge users to apply. It is completely prohibited by the employer to collect money from the candidate in accordance with the current Vietnamese law. You will need to strictly follow these regulations. In some special cases, the candidate is required to pay any cost of goods/services to you or your Company or any other third party in accordance with the law. law, you need to consider all costs incurred and we are not responsible for any additional fees you make to third parties

  18. Report a violation.In the event that you believe the conduct of any other user is inconsistent with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions , you can always notify us for review and processing as soon as possible