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Security Policy

I. Our responsibilities and obligations

Protecting user information

We have the responsibility and obligation to protect the personal information of users provided on the website. User information will not be shared with third parties, except in special cases.

Collect Your Information

To facilitate the recruitment process, we will collect your information to provide the best recommendation for your job search

We may store information during the application process such as your name, email address, phone number .... and use it for your application process.

Use of Your Information

During the application process, your information may be sent to employers for use in the candidate search process.

II. User Rights and Responsibilities

Full control over your information

You have full control over your information, whether it is allowed to be shared or not.

Update information

To facilitate the application process, you should constantly update your personal information to ensure the highest probability of being admitted.

Share information

In the process of using the website, when sharing other people's personal information, that individual's consent is required. Any false information violates our Terms.