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Contemi Solutions is a trusted technology partner to the global financial industry, providing software and digital solutions for insurance, investment, asset & wealth management, banking and capital markets.

Contemi’s modern end-to-end technology solutions help them cost effectively streamline operations, improve agility and harness the power of innovation in the evolving world of cloud and digital platforms. Our expertise covers the complete lifecycle of wealth management, property and casualty insurance, captive insurance and post trade management. Our cutting-edge digital solutions for customer management, benefit & loyalty programs, and mobile apps are being used in various industry sectors.

Contemi, have been at the forefront of digitisation in the insurance, wealth management, private banking and wider financial services industry for more than 25 years. Throughout this period, we have looked upon our customers as partners, and asked them to help define the direction of our shared journey. And together we have successfully navigated many challenges.

We have developed innovative solutions on the frontier where industry experience meets cutting edge technology, in a world of constant change and evolution. We have a record of ensuring our partners have the tools necessary to run their businesses, remaining compliant during a time of significant regulatory change, whist facilitating significant improvements in efficiency, supporting their growth and allowing them to ‘do more with less’.