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2008: The beginning

Our history begins in Lucerne, Switzerland where our founders, Stefan Muff and Dr. Uli Sigg built Axon Group on the challenges of the digital transformation. Having come across many business owners who struggled to innovate and implement new technology in their business, Stefan and Dr. Uli decided to pursue a solution that could address their customer’s concern.

The idea of flexible and affordable software development services becomes the fundamental of Axon Active. But not until 2008 that our first offshore software engineer teams operate in Vietnam, a peaceful and consistently growing economy, also house to the most hard working, young, enthusiastic and talented engineers.

Our business model focuses on our people, our engineer resources and our biggest assets. We create a connection between foreign business in need of extra IT teams and the local people who desire to go beyond the boundary to join a global industry

2011: Expanding

In 2011, we have made our first move up North, to a beautiful beach city in the central of Vietnam, Da Nang. New location gave us access to extra source of talents, which means more choices for our clients.

Da Nang is known as the biggest city in the central coast, with increasing investment from local and international organizations into infrastructure, and urban development. We had foreseen the potential of this city and made our decision to establish our second operation center, also the first international offshore development center in the heart of the city.

The office soon become one of the most desirable workplace in Da Nang, provided opportunities to thousands of talented software engineers in central provinces.


2012: Growing the community

We wanted to help people. Our business gives us the resources we need to organize many communal programs. Besides free Agile courses for university students in various locations across Vietnam, our own community, Scrum Breakfast was born in 2012, a monthly gathering where people with the same interest in Agile software development would sit down, enjoy their free breakfast and coffee, and discuss about everything in Scrum. The event is later brought to Da Nang and we’re looking to launch it in Can Tho.

In 2014, our dream of a big playground, where IT students and developers can engage with experts in the field came true with DevDay Danang. Our first event attracted more than 800 students, IT staff and 24 speakers from local and overseas businesses. What we did triggered other IT companies to join hands in growing this potential playground.

Investment in the community is the easiest yet most valuable decision we made, and we are happy that we are doing it!

2015: Making global debut

In late 2015, our San Francisco office was opened to American corporations, allowing them to find more affordable and suitable software development services outside of the Silicon Valley. The following years, we successfully brought our services to Australia and Japan.

Now we have more than 400 people in the Axon family, living in different cities, sharing the same mission and vision. Keeping the people together, whether it’s a partner or an employee, is the most important mission to our team.

At Axon Active, commitment and honesty are the greatest policy. We value a long-term partnership, either to our corporate partners or to our employees. We are making constantly efforts to offer better and better IT outsourcing services by continuous investment and development on human resources, technologies, innovations, infrastructure and methodologies. 


2017: Exploring new talent pool

March 2017, just a few months after the headquarter office expansion, Axon Active makes a move down south to Can Tho city, the heart of Mekong Delta.

Since 2012, Vietnamese government has been executed the long-term development plan for Can Tho, aiming to make the city an international hub for economic, technology and industrial production. In a few years, city’s infrastructure receives major investment and achieves significant improvement, making Can Tho an ideal destination for corporates around the world.

Located only 3-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City, the new location gives us access to new and promising source of engineer talents. Our future clients now have another excellent choice of location equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities, with no difference to the international standard offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang


Take a look at our happy home!

We are happy to reserve a modern open plan workspace, which has enough rooms for around 30 offshore engineer teams, plus several private offices and 10 meeting rooms, designed to encourage interactions and direct communications between employees and clients.

We also integrate various sizes of meeting rooms at each office location for multiple purposes of development teams and clients.